GPS Navigation for Truckers, RVers, and Motorcyclists

Since I don't drive a truck or an RV, I haven't paid much attention to the differences between GPS street navigators that are intended for passenger car use, and units designed for drivers of large vehicles. But the differences are important! Both truck and RV GPS units allow you to enter the dimensions of your vehicle so that it can route you to avoid low overpasses and roads that are unsuitable for your vehicle. In addition, the trucker units include truck stops and other truck services in their POI databases, Likewise, RV units include RV parks and services in their POI databases. Also, navigators for trucks and RV's generally are available with larger screens than passenger car units- up to 7 inches in the case of the Garmin "dzel" truck units and RV units for recreational vehicles. You will probably find a larger screen useful in larger cabs.

Motorcycle units are smaller, reflecting their need to be mounted on handlebars, but are UV-resistant and weatherproof, and are designed to be operated with gloves. Routing options help you pick a more interesting route and avoid boring Interstates and highways. The Garmin "zumo" series also lets you control your entertainment system from the screen. You can also connect the GPS unit to your smartphone with Bluetooth and receive phone notifications on your GPS screen.