Garmin eTrex 10, 20, and 30

Garmin eTrex 30

All three eTrex models are waterproof and feature paperless geocaching. Both have basemaps- the eTrex 20 and 30 adds color screens, a micro-SD card slot, and the ability to add maps, including custom maps. The eTrex 30 further adds a three-axis compass and a barometric altimeter.

These three eTrex models are the first civilian GPS units with a GLONASS receiver, which means it can use the Russian positioning satellite system to improve the accuracy of position fixes and increase the reliability of the receiver in areas such as forest where your view of the sky is restricted. My experience with the eTrex 30 so far bears this out.

These eTrex units are among the lightest GPS receivers at 5.6 ounces (with 2 AA NiMH batteries) and have the longest battery life of any trail GPS unit- 25 hours.

I was never a fan of the original eTrex series because I felt the software and user interface were too "dumbed down." But the current eTrex line has much better software.